Perquimans County Patriots Club

The Democrats have targeted North Carolina as their top priority to flip in 2023 and 2024. The Perquimans County Patriots CLUB, founded in May 2023, is the foundation of our operations.

We are a dedicated group of patriotic Americans who love our community, state, and country. Our volunteers give their time, treasure, and talent to elect Republicans. Perquimans GOP is the last line of defense for our state.

Any path to a statewide Republican victory runs through Perquimans County – and it’s up to us – you and me – to hold the line.

The stakes are high, but the financial commitment is low, and the impact is enormous. I’m asking for your help to donate just $50 per month.

If $50 is too much, please commit to a smaller amount and commit to volunteering.
When we all do our part, we can hold the line against the Democrats.

Thanks to the members of the Perquimans GOP Chairman’s Club, Perquimans GOP can achieve the Republican Party’s bold vision to recruit, enable, and elect more
Republicans. We’ll modernize the Perquimans GOP, build the infrastructure we need to expand, and be a more efficient volunteer grassroots operation.

Together, we’ll grow our Republican base right here in Perquimans County and win more elections.

Just like you, I love Perquimans County and want it to be a great place to live, work, play, and raise a family, but we need to keep it that way.

Our elected officials need to represent all of us. By committing to becoming a member of the Perquimans County Patriots CLUB, you make it possible to grow our financial and volunteer base and improve Perquimans County and North Carolina.

In November 2022, the Republican votes that came from Perquimans County helped elect all statewide races. We now have a Republican majority in our Supreme Court and Court of Appeals!

This is in part thanks to people like yourself.

I hope that you will help the Perquimans County Republican Party make our vision a reality in 2023 and 2024 by committing to a monthly donation.

“The fate of our statewide candidates lies in the strength of the Perquimans e County Republican Party” – Chairman Tim Brinn

Please accept my invitation to join the Perquimans County PATRIOTS CLUB TODAY!

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